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IERC collects data on pertinent political, financial, economic and social information – currently for Mexico only – and interprets information for multiple sectors and as required. Data focuses on developmental realities that have an impact on business and investment planning and forecasting, as well as strategic planning in all fields.

Knowledge Features:

» Changing Mexico: The Role of Non-Revolutionary Thought
A Historical Review of Mexico's 2000 Elections
Food for Thought Beyond 2006

Susanne A. Wagner

It is speculated that Cuauhtemoc Cardenas running as the presidential candidate for the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD - Democratic Revolutionary Party) actually won the 1988 elections in Mexico.  Nevertheless, he did not officially become the president.  Carlos Salinas de Gortari, candidate for the long-standing Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI -- Institutional Revolutionary Party) was the one to be seated on the presidential throne on December 1, 1988...Read More

» Globalization and Culture

Susanne A. Wagner

In the 1940’s Immanuel Wallerstein developed the World Systems’ Theory. This theory looks at the world from a holistic perspective, and attempts to explain why, by the very nature of capitalism, there have to be developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. Basically, Wallerstein argues that dependent relationships are generated between developed countries (he calls them core countries) and the developing countries (the semi-periphery); which in turn are also established between the developing countries and the underdeveloped countries (periphery)...Read More