IERC: International Education and Research Center

Education Brokerage

Brokerage services with an ample selection of alternatives

Amongst its activities, IERC also functions as an education broker.  In this capacity, IERC becomes a bridge between different institutions and/or organizations with reciprocal needs.

IERC’s Brokerage Activities

  1. Representation of Vendors of Educational Properties

    IERC represents schools that are for sale to potential buyers on an international level.  IERC guides the vendors through the sales process, while vying for their best interest.  IERC acts as an intermediary between vendors and purchasers.

  2. Certification Agent

    For many educational institutions – specifically those offering courses that are not meant for academic credit but for vocational and skill training purposes -- it is important to receive some type of certification that vouches for the institutions’ educational quality.  IERC identifies institutions with such a need and selects the most appropriate certifying center for these institutions.  In some cases, IERC represents the certifying center, while in others it simply connects the former with the latter.  In general, IERC does perform assessment and evaluation services for the institutions offering these courses to ensure that they maintain the requisite standards for certification.

  3. The Consejo Para La Educación en México (COPEM):

  4. COPEM operates under the auspices of IERC. It is specifically geared toward providing training programs in Mexico that have proven their effectiveness. IERC represents training program providers that have been evaluated and have met IERC’s certification criteria. COPEM offers these programs to companies, organizations and industries in Mexico, guaranteeing that they will meet their purported goals and upheld requisite standards. COPEM additionally allows companies and industries the opportunity to become a member of COPEM. Members of COPEM partake in periodic training sessions, workshops and seminars at discounted prices; receive guidance vis-à-vis their training needs; and participate in discussions on Mexico’s vocational educational needs to ensure that COPEM always provides those services most needed to improve Mexico’s human resources base.

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In general, if there is an educational service that IERC can not provide in-house, it will identify a suitable partner and connect those who provide services with those who require the services.